I started out sketching potential logo concepts. I aimed for a hand-lettered logo to incorporate that fluid and organic feel of honey.
 Once I finished brainstorming on pencil, it was time to choose one concept to vector it! I chose this initial concept because the curves and swooshes reminded me of the movement of a bee. After showing this to my mentor, she noted that the "YUMMY" part was not quite there yet because the baseline was too straight. She suggested to imagine writing with honey to get the feel of the overall shape and baseline.
 I came up with four different variations based on the initial concept. I chose the bottom left as the final logo because it has a looser and more organic representative feel of the bakery and cafe. There is a slight gradient in "YUMMY" because it adds depth and symbolizes the rich colors of honey.
 Closer look of the business cards. I chose rounded corners for the business cards and menus because it softens the overall look of "Yummy Honey Bakery & Cafe" but still keeping it quaint.
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